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Dear friends and supporters of the `Between Festival, 


Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, also known as Corona Virus, and the uncertainty regarding the next months, we see ourselves forced to postpone the festival until next year.

Those among you who have already bought tickets,

rest assured that they will keep their value for the next `Between Festival´.

It is with a broken heart that we made this decision, as we have already put a lot of work into this year’s event. 

We want to thank everyone that has helped us until now and are very much already looking forward to reorganising `Between Festival´.  

We hope everyone is staying safe!

Please keep your spirits up, and we will see you all in good health very soon! 

For more information on how to handle the outbreak, please follow the links below:


Portugal: www.dgs.pt


Deutschland: www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus.html



Stay Safe,

Your `Between Festival´ Team


Get your single or group tickets for the 'BETWEEN' Festival, by following the Link to our shop below

Conceptually, BETWEEN is about sharing. Sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, sharing space. How to share is not always straightforward, and is also one of society's current struggles.

How can we share the space in harmony with the environment around us, fauna and flora? How can we share within our communities, the space together as humans? What have we, each and everyone of us, got to share within ourselves? 

In sharing, we care about the interaction of the two entities, we care about the balance - what is in between. 

With BETWEEN, we want to create a place where harmonious, consensual sharing is possible. Where we exchange, receive, communicate in any way. This, in the context of music, dance and nature. 

ECO-FRIENDLY Camping by the Lake

Sharing in our mutual passion for Music 

Techno, Psy, Minimal and House Beats on three Stages



In practice, BETWEEN is a 3 days techno-based festival. It will take place the first weekend of May in the portuguese Ribatejo region, 1h30 away from Lisbon. At the festival, 3 stages will be pulsing Techno, Minimal, House and Psytrance music all day and all night long. 


At the festival, artists from all over the world will share with us what they do best - make people dance and connect together through their own individual touch. And on the dancefloor, we will value individuality and experience, the being without second thoughts, regrets or overthinking.

Most DJs coming to the festival will be professionals and semi-professionals who have volunteered to take part of this adventure. We will start off this first edition with a pool of DJs who most often plays on smaller scenes, local underground clubs or parties.We offer them the stage, they offer us their talent. 


But we're also curious to hear what is happening outside of our local circles! BETWEEN is a festival that strives to unite, for a few days, local scenes and crews in a bigger musical picture. What do local techno spaces look like, today? We've decided to open the stage to you. 


The DJ open call is now on.

Let's experience something new, so dig out your tents and be part of our international festival community!



The campsite is located about 3 minutes by foot next to the event location. You will be able to camp in front of a 60ha lake surrounded by pure nature with the sky as your roof. You will also find lots of oak trees, which sometimes are called sombreros, considering the shadow that they provide. The cork is removed once every 9 years, and some of these trees are hundreds of years old. Toilets and a wash-station will be provided on the campsite. There will be two bathrooms with 4\5 toilets and 2 showers each. Furthermore, ecological Toilets will be placed closed to the main stage. Toilets and a wash-station will be provided on the campsite.


Pizza, Bifanas, Vegan Food truck, Yoghurt and Fruit Station / or similar

More Information will be added soon!



We’ve been thinking a lot about the best way for all of you to reach the festival this year. Should we organise long distance buses from Lisbon airport? Porto? Coimbra? Or from the closest train station Santarem? 


As this is Between Festival’s first edition, we’ve decided to keep the transportation to the festival as local as possible. We don’t know where you’ll come from nor at what time, and having a bus running north and south around Portugal did not seem reasonable, nor environmentally friendly.

For this first edition we have organised a parking space by the festival ground and a free shuttle bus driving to the festival from the closest and most practical train station nearby, Santarem train station. 


We also advise you to organise carpools in order to reduce the number of cars used to access the festival :) 


Both travel durations by car and train are quite similar (1h30 peak hour) and we hope to promote a collective atmosphere already on the way to Between :)

By car:


Drive towards the town of "Muge" in the Ribatejo region. It is located 1h15 away from Lisboa and 1h45 away from Coimbra. Indications will be placed approaching and inside the town to help you drive to the actual festival ground and the parking. More visual information will also be given as we approach the festival date.


The parking will be open from 10h on Friday until 22h on Sunday.

By public transport:

We will have a free shuttle bus service running from Santarem train station to the festival ground. It will run from 10am on Friday until the last train arriving at 1h23 from Lisbon on Saturday morning. The shuttle will also drive on Saturday and Sunday for latecomers and to allow you to head home. A more detailed schedule for shuttle transfers will be posted soon.

From Lisbon city centre:


There are trains running all day from Santa Apolonia train station that reach Santarem station. You can look up online at cp.pt the timetable of these trains. Prices start from 5,60€ one way. 


From Lisbon airport:


Take the red metro line (linha vermelha) that departs from the airport (aeroporto) and goes direction São Sebastião. Get off at the station Oriente (3 stops, around 6 minutes travel time). Oriente station is also a regional train station, where you will be able to get on the same trains that leave Lisbon’s Santa Apolonia train station and head towards Santarem. 

From Porto and Porto Airport:


If you land at Porto airport, reach Porto Campanhã train station by taxis or by taking the metro line E direction Trindade. Change at Sete Bicas for either one of the green C, orange F, red B lines that bring you to Campanhã station. Head then on towards Santarem, either on a regional direct train or make a change in Coimbra-B. 


Again, you can find all the information online at cp.pt for ticket price and timetable. 


From other destinations in Portugal and other train lines:


The destination is the same, come to Santarem! 

There are many more ways to get to the festival location, like renting a car, by bike, by canoe, by foot, teleportation... Doesn't matter how you will arrive, as long as you arrive well and sound. 

We will welcome you either way :)  




We'd love to hear from you

Please feel free to write us an Email: